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Joseph asks…

Ladies – dating tips please – seriously?

Divorced dad, professional, nice income, nice car, nice looks, nice house, etc. Approaching 40. What is too young to go after? I truly have no thoughts on going after younger women, just didn’t know what was a generally acceptable age gap to women these days as I’ve been out of dating for some time. I’m totally into the person and relationship, not the age, but again, was curious on what most would feel would be too young should I do an online dating service kind of deal. Other than online, suggestions on meeting women? Many thanks.


It really depends on the woman. I just turned 30 and I actually prefer older men. So it really is a personal preference like everything else. I have met a lot of people through meetup groups. Most major cities have them and it is no pressure. Also signing up for classes–cooking, art appreciation…etc is a nice way to meet people who may have a similar interest as you. Good Luck!

James asks…

Some tips for dating Cancer’s?

I am a libra women attracted to and dating a Cancer male……wanting to keep it going.


Go to the bookstore and in the astrology section is a big book called relationships it will tell you what to do.

Nancy asks…

Does anyone have any tips on dating a woman with a child and how to make her really happy?

I met this girl on new years and love spending time with her. I’m 26, she’s 30 and has an 8 year old. She absolutely gorgeous and very intelligent, which I love! Only thing is because of the fact she has a child and goes to school and works I only get to see her like once a week. We talk on the phone every night for hours. We enjoy each others company. She doesn’t understand why I like her, which makes me feel like she’s not very confident. She always points out her flaws, but I actually find her “flaws” endearing. I haven’t met her daughter yet because she thinks it’s way too soon. I want to make her happy and be a great boyfriend and maybe one day make us into a family. Any tips on making a single mother happy are welcome! And I’d love the input of some single mothers and I’d like to know their fears and concerns and what they wish guys would do for them. I want to be able to understand her more! Thanks everyone


Me and my girlfriend are 31, we have been dating 7 months. I just met her kid at christmas. If she is a good mother expect a similar wait time before meeting the kid. You must remeber they are a package deal. You must accept that you will never be the most important person in her life. It is a good idea to ask her questions about her kid to show you are interested. It is not a good idea to pressure her into meeting the kid too soon. You must accept that for now you will only be able to see her once a week. This was very hard for me, too. Just try to be a great guy, like you would with any other girl. Eventually she may feel comfortable enough with getting a babysitter just because she likes her tme with you. Then you’ll maybe see her twice a week. When you meet the kid its not like you will be over every other night either. She will gradually have you spend more time with him. Do not do immature things like get drunk, as that will give her concerns about your fitness to be a father figure. She wants to make sure that you will be good for the kid before she lets you in. That’s a good thing because it shows she’s a good mother. I’d give her all the space she needs and try to wait it out.

Mark asks…

What are the basic tips for asking a woman on date?


Self esteem

George asks…

I want to date some women this summer. Can you girls give me some tips?

I’m a young attractive 29 year old. I’ve been hibernating for the winter and know ready to get back into the saddle and giddy yup. Last summer was a so so summer only one girl. So sad. I must be losing my touch. Can you girls give me some pointers on how to get more ladies into the sack. Not quite ready to settle down….actually my sex drive has increased!!! I’m a gentleman and please only serious answers.


If you’re just looking to get laid … Hmmm, date recently divorced women perhaps? The best key to getting only sex is to look for women who find you attractive but undateable due to your mental abilities, for instance. I’m not trying to be condecending, just honest. If she thinks you’re hot but incredibly stupid, she may have sex with you while looking for better men to date. It’s a lot less work than conning naive girls in their early twenties to believe that you’re a good man with caring interests in them.

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