Your Questions About Matchmaker Millionaire

Thomas asks…

Do you like to watch millionaire matchmaker?

Am I a loser for watching it? Sometimes I think that I’d have to hire a matchmaker to find me a special lady.

Okay, is that dumb in your opinion or not?

Do I look like I’d need the extra help?


I watch this show a lot and I like it. Just because a person is a millionaire does not mean they have the greatest taste in finding the right women for them.

They definitely want a woman who is not after their money which is why Patti picks women who have something going for them, i.e, owner of a business or working at an above average paying job.

IMO, you look like a very serious young man who will someday own or run a business. We can all use the extra help. LOL

Ruth asks…

do you watch the millionaire matchmaker?

what do you think about her always asking curly hair girls to get a blow out?

i think she should stop being such a god damn b!tch sometimes..



Lisa asks…

Millionaire Matchmaker: Why is everyone in this show Jewish?


Don’t know. It truly does come off that the majority of her clients are of that faith.

Paul asks…

Poll: Millionaire Matchmaker …. ???

Has anyone seen this show on Bravo …. ???

Do you think that they’ll have Millionaire Cat-Matchmaker next …. ???

Poll: catnip or catfish ??


I love cat fish its one of my favorites

Sharon asks…

Millionaire Matchmaker is clearly racist?

I’m surprised no one calls out this show.. apparently 50% of the population in this country is Jewish.. not only that but her entire staff needs to be Jewish – Destin, Rachel and that new girl.. She also purposefully moved the show to New York where there is a large Jewish population to continue her racist Zionist show


Is there something wrong with Jewish people? Let it be.

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