Your Questions About Polish Dating Us

Chris asks…

Are Polish Men nice to date?Do they like my Nationality?

Hi just wondering do the polish like the irish,would they date us? are the nice? what are they like towards irish do they hate them? thanks!


If you’re nice and pretty they will like you. It doesn’t matter if you’re Irish or not.
There are many nice men and I you find one brought up according to Polish values (that include great respect for women and family) he would be a real treasure.
Unfortunately the younger generation the worse men are.

Mandy asks…

What do Latina’s think of Polish guys?

Do Latina’s like Polish guys? Have any Latina’s ever dated a Polish guy?
Tell us what you think?
Check out some of these guys


Never dated a Polish guy, but i see many attractive ones in Chicago. Some of the guys in those pics are hottt ;)
For the most part, i’ve had good experiences w/ them & i would also date a Polish guy if i liked him…

Maria asks…

What are the customs o polish women?

My brother just started dating a polish lady and first off the commuication is processing slowly. He knows very little about what her personal or lets say charateristics are. She has let him clearly know not to pick out her clothes. I have been to some web sites, but not having allot of luck finding anything. He is in the process of getting a divorce and him and this polish lady have all ready been talking about him getting an apartment so he can come see him. He is living with us at the moment. I have never met this lady yet. But I do not judge people. Am just trying to help make it a little easier for him to understand her.


He should wait at least 1 full year after his divorce is final before he starts dating anybody. Never mind living with someone.
He feels empty, hurt, lonely etc. Is very vulnerable and is going into this for all the wrong reasons & it will never work out.
He’ll thank you for this advice in the future.

Betty asks…

My Polish g/f overstayed her visa in USA then went back. Can she come back if we got married?

We started dating and we fell in love. She overstayed her visa for two years. She basically stayed here illegally and worked and paid taxes. Then she went back because of family emergency. I am going back there in October to marry her and bring her back to USA. Will she be denied to come to USA? I am US citizen if that makes any difference.


Well, she won’t be eligible for any visa for 10 years. However, if you marry her and file the proper petition, she will be able to file for a waiver of this ineligibility through USCIS, based on the fact that you are a citizen. In addition to the I-130, after the initial interview you’d have to file an I-601. That will add $545 to the overall cost and add at least a couple months to the processing time, but her chances of getting it are pretty good if simply being an overstay is her only problem.

Sandy asks…

Polish Men – How can I date him if I don’t speak Polish?

I recently met a gorgeous Polish man and spent all night drinking and dancing at a party, there was a real connection between us but he doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Polish. I’d really like to see him again, how should I go about it?


Why don’t you offer to teach him English and the same time you learn Polish?
That will be fun for both of you and you will spend more time together.
I am sure he’d like to learn your language!
If you need help with some Polish words email me.

Good luck and greetings from Poland

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